Independents for Sugar Grove Village Trustee (ISGVT) Endorsed Candidates Resonating with Voter Concerns

Released at: March 18, 2019
Contact: Jim Huguelet

Sugar Grove, IL (March 18, 2019)  – Independents for Sugar Grove Village Trustee’s (ISGVT) three endorsed candidates for the office of Sugar Grove Village Trustee have received a warm reception from voters since launching their campaigns barely a month ago.  Since February 12, candidates Jennifer Konen (write-in candidate), Heidi Lendi (incumbent, ballot candidate), and Ryan Walter (write-in candidate) & their volunteers have visited nearly 2,000 homes in Sugar Grove, answering their questions and listening to the issues that affect them.

Overwhelmingly the concern most often expressed is regarding the future of commercial development in Sugar Grove, which has been prompted by the recent proposal made by Crown Development Corporation to build an 8 million square foot warehousing complex within the Village. While that proposal has been withdrawn, voters are now asking for responsive leadership from their elected officials regarding future proposals from Crown and development in general.

Resonating with potential voters has been ISGVT’s four-point platform for thoughtful progress in Sugar Grove, which all three candidates endorse:

  • Rejection of any development proposal that does not adequately reflect the legitimate interests of Sugar Grove’s current residents
  • Opposition to the creation of any tax-increment financing (TIF) districts that are not in the best interests of our taxpayers and governmental bodies
  • Commencement of a review of the village’s Comprehensive Plan (Ordinance 2018-403C) that meaningfully engages with all stakeholders in the community to arrive at a truly shared vision for our village, as was done in the past
  • In all matters, providing an independent voice that asks tough questions and makes fact-based decisions for the long-term that are fair to all of the village’s stakeholders

“We’re hearing that voters are looking for a new perspective on development in Sugar Grove, one that I believe we can provide” said candidate Jennifer Konen.  Heidi Lendi commented that “Good communication from elected officials regarding development is essential and something to which I’m absolutely committed.”  Ryan Walter said “I not only want to be informed by all relevant facts before I make a decision, but I also want residents, other decision makers, and all stakeholders to be just as well-informed.”

Jim Huguelet, Director of ISGVT, said “ISGVT is a group of concerned Sugar Grove residents who believe that ordinary citizens must serve in local government for it to effectively represent the interests of all of the village’s stakeholders.  Jennifer, Heidi, and Ryan are a great representation of that belief in action.”

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Jim Huguelet, Director, ISGVT,

[email protected], 847.867.8706