ISGVT Candidates - Heidi Lendi


HEIDI LENDI (Incumbent; Ballot Candidate)

  • Resident of Sugar Grove since 2003, residing in the Windsor Pointe subdivision
  • Architect / Owner, First Derivative Architectural Services
  • Bachelor of Architecture, Illinois Institute of Technology; Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with minors in Civil Engineering & City and Regional Planning, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Married to Louis since 1992; mother of Emerald and Amethyst
  • Appointed Sugar Grove Village Trustee in 2017; served as a Village Plan Commissioner from 2013 – 2017; Girl Scout leader for troops in Sugar Grove since 2011
  • Interests include running, camping, gardening, reading, and spending time with my family


This is my second year as a Village Trustee. Prior to that, I served as a Village Plan Commissioner for 4 years. When I moved to Sugar Grove in 2003, I fell in love with its balance between rural small town and Chicago suburb. I became a Trustee because I wanted to help preserve that feel.

My work as a licensed architect for over 20 years, my background in city and regional planning, my experience as a small business owner, and my record as a volunteer in the community give me the skills and knowledge to help Sugar Grove grow in a responsible way that will maintain our small-town feel.

I believe the more involved our residents are, the better our community will be, so I am dedicated to hearing what the residents have to say before making decisions. As a Trustee, my approach of listen first, research, and then discuss allows me to create the most effective outcomes.

I will be YOUR voice on the Village Board!

More Questions?

Feel free to e-mail Heidi directly at [email protected]