About Election

On April 6, 2021 Kane County will hold its 2021 Consolidated Election, in which many municipal and local offices will be up for election.  Among them are the Sugar Grove Village President and three of the six Sugar Grove Village Trustee positions.  Serving as the executive and legislative branches of Sugar Grove's village government, the President and Trustees are responsible for such things as proposing and voting on new local ordinances, approving or rejecting key government decisions (such as rezoning requests), and other matters that come before it.

Citizens who are registered voters residing in the village of Sugar Grove are eligible to vote for the offices of Sugar Grove Village President and Trustee.  Note that other Kane County citizens who do not reside in the village of Sugar Grove are unable to vote in the Sugar Grove Village President & Trustee portions of the Consolidated Election.

There are several ways to vote in the election, such as the traditional "in person" method on April 6, "early voting" at selected locations at designated times prior to April 6, and "voting by mail". For more information on the 2021 Consolidated Election, please visit the Kane County Clerk's web site at http://www.kanecountyclerk.org/Elections